This Christmas was a little different than the rest. For one, we hadn’t had mail here in going on two and a half weeks. So no mail in and no mail going out. So I didn’t even bother to send out my second batch of cards. Also the plane that brings food to our grocery store was delayed so it meant we didn’t have anything nice for Christmas. We had just a few odds and ends at home, so we ended up with just chicken soup for Christmas dinner. My husband and I were both sitting there like Oliver Twist wondering, “Please sir, can I have some more?” Later he was grinding his teeth because a relative kept on about all the food they had there. Not cool when someone has stated they are reeeeallly hungry and just had soup to eat.

So today our gifts and cards from the U.S. arrived. My husband brought them home during lunch and, since he had to head back to work, he opened his stuff up fast. So after he left, I opened the presents that came in the mail by myself. It was so weird opening gifts alone. It was like spending the holiday by myself. You’d think that’d feel lonely, but it was quite satisfying because if I wanted to freak out and be materialistic and shriek, I could. And if I didn't like something that was way too huge on me, I didn't have to be fake and pretend to not hate it or worry about looking ungrateful. Plus, I got the bubble wrap all to myself. Popping nirvana.

Every Christmas there seems to be a resounding theme. There was the year everybody gave me something purple, the year I got all silver hoop earrings in various sizes, and how can we forget the year that was all DKNY? One of the best years ever. This year Elvis and Hello Kitty kept cropping up as magnets, pens/pencils, calendars, office stuff, decorative things, etc. Oh, and bracelets and pillows. As I write my rear is perched on a very comfy and pretty new pillow. Jealous? You should be. It’s awesome.

It always makes me smile at how the gifts that people pick out for you show how much they really know you. My husband is excellent at picking out what he knows I’ll like. I can be really picky about purses and clothes, but he is one of the few people who get it right every time. Then there are others who obviously don’t know what size I’d wear and one year you wind up with something that fits a Barbie doll and the next year it’s a sweater that would fit Shamu. They also don’t know (or care) what my style might be or what colors might make me look like I need a transfusion or something. I guess some people know you and then there are some people you never quite connect with there.

On a different note, I have had to order everything online since I moved to the island two years ago. In the past two years there have been companies that wouldn’t know customer service or quality merchandise if it bit them, companies who I put up with their inferior products because they’re one of the few that deliver here or carry what I need, and companies who get it right every time. I won’t dog the bad companies who I will never do business with again or the sub-par ones, but I will say there were two who shocked me. I always thought Nordstrom, Amazon, and Macy’s were the best of the bunch, but I have had a few duds from them and a few returns. The new companies who have managed to deliver in a decent time frame (shocking since it can take a while for stuff to get here) and have it look like what it did on the website (take note, Nordstrom, not everybody wants Minnie Mouse shoes) are Sears and Kmart. I needed some basic home stuff (pillows, towels, etc.) and it got here right away, looked how it did online, and was properly packaged. Why these other companies can’t get it together is beyond me, but hats off to Sears and Kmart.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go and put a pillow over my head. My hubby got a Mannheim Steamroller CD toay and nothing gives me a headache or makes me want to jump out of my skin more. Ugh! The only thing worse for me would be the sound of bells. I once begged to get out of covering a bell concert for the paper one year. I hate ringing bells! If it were up to me, no angels would ever get their wings because all bells would be banned. So having synthesizers and bells together make me want to lose my mind. Merry Christmas and let's have a silent night soon, please? Please???


laurasalas said…
Oh, soup on Christmas does sound a little anticlimactic:>/ Boo hiss to "I'm so stuffed" relatives! Thanks for sharing your island adventures with us. It's fascinating and entertaining and always makes me grateful for things in my life but also a little jealous, too!

May 2010 be full of joy and excitement (and a proper Christmas dinner) for you! Happy New Year!
Hi Krysten,
I am jealous about your pillow. As I sit here typing, there's a small pillow supporting my back and a throw over my lap (it's cold here today).
For 2010 I wish you a joyful and prosperous new year.
Here's to mail getting here on time and no more soup dinners in 2010...unless I'm in a soup mood ;)

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