The 80's --a subtle time for fashion

There have been so many reunion tours lately that I can't help reminiscing on those days and wondering if Debarge will go on tour...and whether or not that would make the Horsemen of the Apocalypse show up.

After the Spice Girls tour did so well I figured the NKOTB would tour again and now they're even doing a single with New Edition. NE was a little before I got into music and I didn't discover them until Bobby Brown went solo and then Johnny Gill came along and they kept talking aobut their old group. I loved Johnny's voice, so I became a NE fan by default. I even went to a New Edition reunion concert...along with a NKOTB one (before they felt too stupid to be called "kids"), a George Michael one, Color Me Badd (in my defense they were performing with Paula Abdul...does this make it better or worse?) and I even saw Tiffany in concert. Jealous? Thought so.

However what I wore to the concerts was a crime against humanity. I distinctly remember an outfit consisting of a short white ruffled skirt with suspenders over a NKOTB t-shirt and a black Samantha Fox/Debbie Gibson hat. (everyone called it a Debbie Gibson hat, but I thought I was more mature and sexy than that, so I used Samantha as my style role model. Really all pre-teens should look up to women who gained fame as topless models). Naturally I wore this with pairs of socks (red and blue with one folded over the other to pick up the colors in the shirt) with those loafers you didn’t tie just wrapped up the laces. And no one laughed at me…probably because they were too busy bent over pegging their pants to notice my outfit.

I also had several pairs of colored jeans. My favorites were a pair of white jeans with flowers all over them that I either wore with a matching short sleeved jacket or s pink jean jackets. Add my slouchy Guess book bag (the one that looked like I washed it with a piece of hot pink chalk) and I thought I was hot. Hotter than hot. Hawt. Sadly I miss those pants. And my lavender jean tote bag. And my electric blue jeans. Frankly, if missing those things is wrong then I don't want to be right.


Anonymous said…
Ahhhh yes...Paula Abdul and Color Me Bad. My first concert ever. I remeber her singing that Will You Marry Me to some guy she pulled up on stage.

Those were the days...the most we had to worry about was typically so minimal to today...sigh....I miss those days.
I remember her doing that. I think she was still with Emilio at that time. Who else performed at that show? I remember Tommy Page at the NKOTB concert, but can't recall who else was at the Color Me Badd one. I saw brain on VH-1 recently & let's just say he's changed...
Anonymous said…
OK, this will get me virtual boos, I guess, but NKOTB? Really? Maaaaayyyybe in the 80s, but I find their current song/video just creepy. Ick. Ok, sorry. To each her own:>)

Love the image of those white floral jeans and MATCHING jacket. As you said, subtle! Thanks for the chuckles and memories.

And this is probably really bad, but I'd go see Paula Abdul in concert today (assuming she was sober enough to perform). Her songs and dancing bring back such memories for me!
I'd go see Paula again, too. I even liked her crazy outfits back then. I performed to one of her songs at a 6th grade talent show. I'll never know how I got the courage for that, but then I became jealous of her when I found out she was George Michael's choreographer. Little did I know I had nothing to worry about ;)

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