Why Now?

When do I leave the country? Except for a brief trip to Canada here and there, practically never. So why then are George Michael, New Kids on the Block (they only call themselves NKOTB because they feel stupid being called "kids" at 40-something) and now Boy George touring the U.S.? Answer: to be cruel. I would love to go to see all the acts on tour, but no, stick me on an island far away from society so I can't. I'd like to think that since all of George Michael's arrests came immediately after I got engaged and then married, that he was struggling to deal with the pain. That being said I do own some lovely real estate known as the Brooklyn Bridge. In my sick mind I can rationalize that it was too painful for NKOTB (especially Jon, he was my favorite) and George to tour with me out of the country because it would be too painful to see me now.

But really I'm owed a NKOTB concert. I did go to one as a kid, but at the height of their popularity my cousin, who as a former drummer for a band, (no need to mention which one--think 80s), had backstage connections and said he could get me backstage to meet the NKOTB. So I go to school and tell all my friends because my cousin's mom is telling me, "No problem." And of course, instead of being happy for me, the girls all get an attitude with me. So as the date of the concert nears (it was in January) and I'm drooling in anticipation, his mom calls to say he has just been promoted at work and that's his first night taking over the new job and it wouldn't look right...blah, blah, my heart broke, blah, blah."

So naturally half the people I told felt bad and the other half thought I made it up. Fast forward a few years to a funeral in 2005. I hadn't seen said cousin for a while since he had moved across the country. Meanwhile, every time the band was mentioned in the last decade, I bring up the heartbreak of that story. So, at the funeral he asks my mother, "I wonder if she remembers I was supposed to take her to a new Kids concert and had to cancel?"

My mom held her tongue and said, "You know, I think she might," which was the politically correct version of, "She only sullies your good name anytime you or the band is mentioned. And you're lucky she's showing restraint right now or else you'd find your brakes cut."

However, seeing as it was a relative closer to him than me, I didn't claw his eyes out because I am classy and reserved that way. Oh, but the pain will never die.


Anonymous said…
Awww...I'll totally call from the NKOTB concert if you want?
Okay, but if you get backstage to meet them, keep it to yourself cause I might not be able to control myself ;)
Anonymous said…
Ha! Thanks for a good Monday a.m. laugh.

And...wasn't that a Brady Bunch episode:>)
What got me was my cousin was like, "Oh you're not missing much." He was an adult male, I was a pre-teen girl---hello!

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