Who Has a Parade at 10:30 at night?

When we first got here we were told to explore the island and, "don't worry, you can't get lost on an island." Lies. You can get lost on an island especially when they have detours that take you down teensy tiny streets with no street signs and no indication if it's one way and, if it is, which way you're supposed to go. We've had a few issues trying to navigate around those narrow streets, but thought we were getting to know our way around. Then came Sunday.

One thing about this place is there's always a Portuguese holiday and there's always a festival. So on our way home from exploring some volcano rock (I used to go to museums, now I look at steaming rocks, what's wrong with this picture? And does my insurance cover volcanic eruptions?), we found the road we needed to take blocked by a festival. It was ten p.m., and this place doesn't believe in adequate street lights, so we took a tiny, narrow road, ran into traffic confusion (if it's a one-way street, how about marking that and letting you know which way it goes?) and, a half hour later finally found a main road to help us get back home. We thought we were home free...until we came upon a parade blocking the next street. Who holds a parade at 10:30 on a Sunday night? Back to the tiny side roads and gritting my teeth as we nearly sideswiped walls.

Since there are hardly ever street signs, it took us forever to get back and, without decent street lamps, we couldn't even see the part of the island where we were. When we did get back I started thinking that this was my kind of culture. Festivals all the time, parades that only start after dark, stay up late and sleep in...I might just fit in here.


Anonymous said…
Too funny! When we were in Scotland lately, we experienced lots of one-way streets and crazy driving.

I, too, could get lost on an island. Even a small one. Are the Azores mapped by satellite? Can you use a GPS? (Not that that helps when parades block the road!)

Look forward to hearing more of your adventures.

I have the worst memory. Are you working there? Doing freelance writing? Would love to hear how you fill your days!
Krysten said…
I would love to go to Scotland! How was it? I don't know if they are mapped by Satellite. A travel site described this place as "stepping back in time" and that's true of a lot of things here!

I'm doing freelance from here--not easy though! The one good thing is this place allows you time to read, only problem is--no bookstores and I've already exhausted the library!
Anonymous said…
Hey, Krysten, I finally got through! Glad you hear you're "exploring" the island. I got lost in Wall, South Dakota years ago, so I'm right there with you. For those of you who don't know, that's in central USA. No oceans or islands to goof you up. Sigh, maybe I shouldn't have admitted that...
Krysten said…
Wall, SD was not my favorite place. Gotta say it reminded me of that line, "We don't care much for out of towners."