Breaking Up is Hard to Do

I'm currently in a big fight with the love of my life. Yes, my DVR and I have broken up once again. I keep taking him back, but this time he went too far. I got over the fact he often forgot to record “Switched at Birth” even though I had a set recording for it and there were no conflicts, but last night, he went too far. He deleted a biography I have had on there since Thanksgiving. It’s partly “Bunheads,” fault for running a marathon yesterday. I thought I caught it in time and stopped all the recordings before it filled up the machine, but alas it went ahead and deleted away without a thought about my feelings and my needs. And “Bunheads” hasn’t even been that good this season. Between this great loss and the fact Larry Hagman will be off “Dallas” soon, well it’s all too much for me to handle. How could my DVR not know that good saved up programs on there are what get me through the bad days? Add in the fact the thing was freezing on and off all weekend, which I now see was his way of playing hot and cold. I think he tried to make it up to me today by taping two episodes of “Russian Dolls,” but it’s not enough. I guess I’ll need to give him the boot…by which I mean reboot the machine, I’m not tossing it out. I’m crazy, but not that crazy


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