It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Valentine's Day

My Christmas decorations didn't show up in time for me to decorate the new house for Christmas, so I only had a couple of things up that were sent to me as housewarming gifts. However, Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday so I had to decorate for it. I had brought a bunch of Valentine decorations to Portugal, but when I moved from one place to another there, well they were victims of the great sewer backup. Rest in peace little decorations.

I must say this year it wasn't easy finding decorations. Some of the stores had stuff that was too high priced ($50 for small heart bookends?) or they had more stuff for parties or gifts. But I kept looking and found a few things. I saw some ornaments and thought how cool would it be to have a Valentine tree? I only bought two at first because I wasn't sure I'd find a tree. Then I hit another store and there it was: a six foot pink tree. It was a pre-lit Christmas tree, so it was 75% off. It was perfect. It was the right shade of pink--that Barbie/Katie Price shade and they had ornaments and wire garlands. So I spent my Thursday night decorating it.

Now do I decorate for St. Patrick's Day next or head right into Easter?


Mae said…
I love the pink tree... it's very cute!!!
Rachel May said…
I love it!! Where did you find a pink Christmas tree this time of year? I say decorate each month :) I plan too!! Vday, Mardi Gras (my favorite), St. Patty's and then Easter.
Thanks, Mae! I made my own valentine's this year based on stuff you showed me!
Rachel: It's a pink Christmas tree I got on sale at Big Lots, so the tree and the decorations cost me less than $30! I might decorate for St. Patrick's Day this year, too! I wasn't aware of how much St. Patrick's decorating stuff is out there!
Amused said…
Wow I absolutely love the pink tree! I wanted to buy one for Christmas but they were priced so high - maybe if I decided to keep it up for Valentine's Day too I could have justified it!
I got it after Christmas so it cost only $12!

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