I Know I Have Issues, but I'm Actually Missing One

I thought it was odd that one of my magazines didn't show up when the others did last month. Two of them have shown up together since I first got my subscription to them on the same day through a package deal. I had the fleeting thought, what if my lazy jerk of a mail carrier just didn't feel like trying to shove it in the mailbox. It made sense to me since all my September magazine issues came the week of my birthday and he kept cramming packages that didn't really fit in there. You should have seen me trying to pry boxes out of there. Kudos to him for thinking it was easier to shove that in there than walk the few feet to place the box at my doorstep.

So anyway, I went to report the missing issue (you have to wait till a certain date has passed before it's officially "late") and they said they are out of inventory for that issue, so they'll just extend my subscription. That’s all well and good, but now I have to pay more to buy this stupid magazine that I was supposed to have weeks ago? I don’t want to buy it, I got a subscription so it’d be cheaper and arrive neatly at my door. Part of me wants to be defiant and not purchase it, but there’s that little voice that says, “What if this was the issue that would change my life?” One if one man’s laziness leads to me not fully living my life because of some tip in an article that could have forever changed the course of my life. Damn it, now I have to go to the newsstand.


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