Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New article on passive aggressive games people play

The passive aggressive games women play against each other.


Margo Dill said...

I liked what you said in the opening paragraph about lying in bed after a party or even sometimes any outing. Sometimes, I'm even thinking about the things I said. One of my friends is like you OVERTHINK everything. This is true, wait, what did she mean by that? :) Thanks for sharing your link.

Krysten said...

That sounds exactly like me! Ha ha! My great-uncle always said I overthink everything and it is sooo true and I also wonder if things I said were misinterpreted,too.

Anonymous said...

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Shanna-Banana said...

I avoid being passive aggressive, and just go straight for aggressive. I don't like to have others beat around the bush for my sake, so I try to extend others the same courtesy. I believe that women are passive aggressive with each-other because, like men, we see everything as a competition. Men walk through the mall and think (as they pass other men) "he may be bigger, but I probably make more money", whereas women think something like "I would never wear those shoes with those pants, what is she thinking??". In the end, we as people want to believe that we have it right and those we compete against are inferior. I love your writing and just started following your blog, and I am (quite sincerely) looking forward to reading more by you!!

Krysten said...

I think you are right--it is competition. And some people get soooo competitive it's like every sentence is a one-upping of the other person. Thanks for your kind words about my blog ;)