I'm doing the Once Upon a Time read-a-thon and it's not going well seeing as I had a 16 hour power outage that left me in the dark. But I did get some reading done. I'm currently working on ""A Game of Lies" by Rebecca Cantrell. Great so far! Here's a review of another great one I read and enjoyed called "Hemingway Deadlights."

Hemingway Deadlights: A Mystery is set in 1956 and Papa Hemingway is at the point in his career where he has stalled a bit in his writing and is drinking even more heavily than usual. Hemingway is living in Key West Florida when the book begins and spends his days drinking. Soon he finds out a friend of his, a local fisherman named Peter Cuthbert, was harpooned to death and the polic department isn’t exactly on the case. Since his writing isn’t going anywhere, Hemingway decides to take a crack at solving the crime himself. He travels to Cuba and meets with a mobster, Fidel Castro, and Che Guevara. Guevara informs him that Cuthbert was more than just a simple fisherman. He soon gets up caught in a situation between the FBI, CIA and Batista’s corrupt government in Cuba.

The book shows us the beginning of Ernest’s paranoid and the downfall of his career due to writer’s block, mental illness, and booze. The book even opens with Hemingway falling off his roof drunk and ending up in a cast. We also see his paranoia and drinking binges taking affect. This is an entertaining take on the writer’s life having him solve crime while being chased by mobsters, spies, the CIA, etc. The author stays true to Hemingway’s personality and traits which makes for an entertaining story.


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