My Illegal Adoption

I'm really not sure why I still remember this, but today, September first, is both my Cabbage Patch Kids' birthdays. So happy birthday Sandra Kate & Amanda Nicole wherever you are, which, knowing my mother (your fake grandma) you're both probably in a landfill somewhere. So sorry, what can I say? I don't even think your adoption was legal.

I still remember getting Amanda (formerly Paula Geraldine) for Christmas and my mother was trying to get me to name her Amanda Stacey Selby (Selby for actor David Selby from "Falcon Crest" so her initials would be A.S.S. Great parenting. Two years later, Sandra Kate arrived and she was a World Traveler from the Netherlands. Gotta love the foreign adoptions. My mother told my grandpa to bring his camera over to take her passport photo. It was so frustrating because I wanted her passport to look exactly like the one on the box (with just her face) and he kept getting a pic of her propped up on a chair and you know airport security would not allow her to get on a plane with that passport.

I was never big into baby dolls, I was more a Barbie kind of girl, but it was fun to dress them up and have Cabbage Patch Sleepovers. Who would have thought the little sweatsuits my mother bought for them would have predicted where I went to college?

So happy birthday Amanda Nicole and Sandra Kate. I hope you found happiness and that your illegal adoption will not follow me should I be nominated for the Supreme Court one day.


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