Remembering a great man who meant a lot to me

A few years ago, I got an assignment to cover a school anniversary and I chose to write about the priest who made that school a success. Father Bush was not just the priest who baptized me, but who helped teach me about God and how to be a good person (stop laughing, I have my moments). He retired when I was little, but still came around the school and church and we frequently ran into him in town. He always acted as if I was just the person he had wanted to see. When he died, a different newspaper didn't exactly do a great job in summing up his life. To be honest, that particular paper had a knack for less than stellar pieces on those who had just passed away. So writing about him was my way of paying tribute to him--the tribute he deserved years ago. Oddly, I wrote the article in the early spring in 2007, but they decided to hold on to it because they were running graduation stories. It was then that I realized the anniversary of his death was coming up on the very day the paper would come out, so publishing it that May worked out perfectly. I've included the link so you can read the story yourself if you run your mouse across the title at" Holy Family parishioners remember Father Bush at the bottom.

Holy Family parishioners remember Father Bush


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