Autumn Memories

Why didn't I go to Carleton College in Minnesota? Sure I just found out it existed like, this minute, but that's no excuse. It's all picturesque like someplace one of the Wakefield twins (probably Liz, Jessica's too wild for that town) would have gone. Or where Nancy Drew would have gone to college during brief breaks of crime fighting and mystery solving.

Instead, I went to school in the inner city just blocks away from the gang-infested ghetto and a stone's throw from Crack Alley, the sun dappled lane where all the drug/rehab meeting are so conveniently located near the drug houses. Brilliant planning on that one. Sure my school had it's perks, but it wasn't all cutesy. And, if I went down to the main campus that had more charm, well, let's just say that the old “charming” buildings stunk. They reeked of charm literally. And downtown Ann Arbor has never been my favorite place although if you want to try Ethiopian food and get a brownie from a place that reeks of incense and has a Wiccan symbol on the menu, then that's the place to go. Oddly enough I prefer my brownies witchcraft-free, but I'm a little stuck up that way.

Maybe it's because it's almost fall and I know that I won't have the usual red, yellow, and orange leaves to look at and there will be no hay rides or trips to apple orchards that I'm getting all nostalgic and wanting that new school experience in the autumn. Or maybe I shouldn't have gone to a school that had a river they once dragged for a body while I was in class. Ahh...memories.


Anonymous said…
I saw them dragging that body out of the river from the tunnel between Murchie and the U-Cen. Fun times.

I could go buy some $0.16 notebooks and $0.25 packs of pens and $0.05 folders and $0.50notebook paper and send them to you so you could pretend you were getting ready to go back to school... It's up to you to purchase the designer bag and matching lunchbox though.
How funny! I was in the tunnel from CROB/French Hall and the library when it happened. Good times.

Throw in a pencil case/box and a Snoopy backpack and I am so there.
Anonymous said…
I have never hard the area described so wonderfully before...I'll try and get some leaves and send them to you...but it'll be a while before we see actual Fall colors here...
I do make it sound like a postcard, don't I?
Unknown said…
I often wish I had gone to a school closer to home instead of going away, but I guess everything happens for a reason.

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