The HGTV Green Home

I just looked at the HGTV Green Home and I don't like it. Too open window-wise (how can I keep up with my reclusive lifestyle if people can see me?) Windows everywhere. And how can you hide from uninvited guests who drop by? There's no pretending you're not home if there are walls of windows saying, "She's right there and in her Hello Kitty bathrobe? Does she think she is going for a tousled Kate Moss look with that hair or does she not own a brush?" See? This is why some people need walls and window coverings.

Also, not a fan of some of the decor. Plus, I see myself walking in the upstairs hall, getting dizzy, and plummeting to my death over the railing there. The bathrooms and kitchen are very European. Those are the cabinets I had in Portugal. I wasn't crazy about the handles then, so not sure I want them now. Sigh, what to do if I win? I guess I'll graciously accept it and then get to work on covering up those windows. I wonder if I can find out who Salinger used to do his drapery?